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Founded by industry experts, Modularity brings a new level of product enhancement, solution innovation for traditional retail and payment markets including Omni channel.

We have decades of experience and experienced team which are busy delivering SW development of payments and retail solutions while we partner with the most trusted brands in the industry offering the most advanced and secured solutions.

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Our core payment middleware is hardware agnostic with major features and enhanced capabilities that allow a variety of payment functionality to be efficient while saving cost and infrastructure resources. The PayHub offers flexibility and availability of a rich solution platform that support a growth of your business.

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MP3 – Modular PinPad Protocol – an abstraction library of EMV Kernel provides a simple and convenient interface application for implementing EMV transactions. The MP3 is an EMV certified semi-integrated solution that handles all aspects of the EMV transaction process and PINpad interaction. It is a generic EMV contact and contactless application that supports a variety of PINpad vendors and provides a simple standard interface for card acceptance. a ‘one-to-many’ integration ensuring payments flow.

a complete Pay @ the Table mobile payment solution for restaurants, bars, open air events, hotels and resorts. The service has a full integrated solution inclusive of a mobile EFT-POS, ECR and a back end gateway to drive the financial and non-financial transaction.

One-Interface allows allows any payment system from any vendor to connect and integrate to any leading ECR vendor so that it is completely agnostic and integrated. It will provide global consistency, create customer loyalty, will get new customers, give customers a premium payment experience, will allow faster transactions and offering instant refurbishment.

TMS an advanced and secured Terminal Management System which is EFT-POS vendor agnostic. The TMS supports remote download of firmware and allowing control of specific parameters for each terminal at a central system. This solution provide additional BI and saves on network resources and asset management cost.

RKL a secured remote key download solution which enables the bank keys to be securely updated anywhere and at a fraction of a coast


Modularity offers a mobile POS, full Cash register app, which is supporting IOS and Android platform. The solution allows mobile merchant to enjoy a full cloud base ECR that can reside on tablets and mobile phones. We are also offering a similar solution on an EFT-POS terminal but with basic ECR functionalities.


Modularity offers a Cash withdrawal service (like ATM) by connecting the merchant to Modularity Debit Gateway. The service of cash withdrawal is made securely by entering the PIN code of the credit card on the merchant PINpad.

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 About 70% of credit transactions in Europe and the US are debit transactions. A debit transaction is very similar to payable in cash. The customer has to tap his PIN code on the PIN Entry Device (PED), the transaction amount is immediately charged from the costumer bank account. The business earned deal amount within a few business days.

Customer Benefits:

  • Cash transaction without using bills
  • The client benefits from a cash discount
  • Wise consumption – no deviation from the account balance.

Business Benefits:

  • cash flow, the transaction amount is transferred within a few business days (usually within two business days)
  • No processing fees to the credit card companies
  • The transaction is safe using the PIN code


A digital Mobile Wallet solution that provides Secured and fast monetary transactions, ideally for the unbanked markets and for financial and non-financial institutions that would like to migrate to mobile digital transaction.

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We are providing a complete solution that include the back end server application and the front end application with the following major features:

  • Cash in/out (deposits and withdrawals)
  • In-Store payments
  • International and person-to-person transfers
  • Bill payments
  • finance services- balance, history
  • QR code transactions


With extensive experience in ATM technology including software development for a variety of models and manufacturers, Modularity ATM solution is deployed with thousands of ATM network devices. The solution includes cash withdrawal functionality and value-added applications.


For the complex fuel station forecourt, Modularity offers a complete integrated digital payment SW solution to the leading Petro stations brands. Our solution is integrated with leading vending machine and self-service HW vendors. We are supporting unattended fuel station devices such as Tokheim, Veeder-Root, Gilbarco and Wayne.

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Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is growing rapidly and changing Industries and business environments, by year 2020 there will be over than 50 billion devices connected to the Internet. 

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    While the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) brings many new business prospects, it also presents significant challenges ranging from technology architectural choices to security concerns. We have spent the last 20 years learning all kinds of embedded systems.  We are specialized in designing high-performance and highly integrated systems from small footprint firmware for 8 bit micro-controllers to large scale platforms running advanced Operating Systems such as Linux or Android. Our versatile and comprehensive knowledge and in-house development projects and endpoints solutions enable us to offer our customers proven products with short time to market. 


Linux-based endpoints are very common on a wide variety of platforms. one of the popular Linux distributions which we experienced and widely use in many of our projects is Yocto.

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    The Yocto Project allows customization of a distribution’s characteristics by making use of a layered architecture with pre-shaped metadata packages (recipes) that provide building instructions for packages like graphics, Qt, networking, kernel recipes, tools, and much more.

    In many of our IOT platforms we prefer to take advantage of the time- and effort-saving benefits offered by the Yocto project and build our platform over Yocto.



selecting a suitable IoT wireless technology is a key point, we have specialized in various technologies in our projects such as: Cellular modems, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, WiFi, ZigBee and NFC.

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    MQTT is one the most promising protocol for small devices. MQTT is a publish/subscribe messaging protocol designed for lightweight M2M communications. It was originally developed by IBM and is now an open standard.

    Modularity has extensive experience in using MQTT as a secure, bi-directional communication between Internet-connected things and the management cloud such as Amazon AWS IoT.

IOT and Cyber

There is no doubt that IoT security is a major key point. Security and privacy concerns have received massive media coverage and lots of connected devices had suffered from hacker attacks.

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     When it comes to security, we bring our proven skills and experience from the advanced security and encryption standards of the payment industry. Each product is developed with security in mind to make better security decisions when building, deploying, or assessing IoT technologies

IOT projects

Here is a short list of IOT projects we developed recently

Pest Controlled System

Pest Controlled System

This Wireless Pest Control System monitors and collects information from a network of wireless traps and transfers them to a main server for further processing and report generation. The system saves both time and money in its implementation of E-Monitoring in the pest control industry.

Technologies: ZigBee, WiFi, GSM/GPRS, 802.15.4, Embedded Linux, Mesh Networking, Low Power Sensors, Image Processing.

Cloud Controlled Air Condition

Cloud Controlled Air Condition

A smart indoor AC controller connected to cloud services over WiFi allowing Users to control their indoor units at their residence or remotely from other locations.

Technologies: ST Microcontroller, WiFi, SPI, I2C, MQTT,REST, JSON, HTTP, SSL

IOT SOM Platform

IOT SOM Platform

System On Module with enhanced power consumption for IOT gateway & data concentrator applications. Connected to cloud services over cellular modem or WiFi.

Technologies: Yocto, WiFi, BLE, 3G Modem,  eMMC, SPI NOR Flash, Nand Flash, REST, JSON, HTTP, SSL

Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

An advanced system that continuously monitor and analyze field climate parameters from a smart sensor into a single management and decision-making dashboard.

Technologies: ST microcontroller, SPI, I2C, BLE, WiFi, 3G Modem

Cloud connected bus station

Cloud connected bus station

A smart Panel for Bus stations connected to cloud services providing bus schedule information and passengers messages. The system is powered by a solar panel and therefore very sensitive to power consumption.

Technologies: Yocto, low power , 3G Modem,  QT, REST, JSON, HTTP, SSL

Smart Elevator

Smart Elevator

An Intelligent Connected Elevator Panel with rich Multi-Media Screen and connectivity for web and mobile applications.

Technologies: Linux, QT, 3G Modem,


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